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Now if you made up your mind to make your dream of a "new antique" rifle come true please contact me.

Together we will find out what parts are needed. Can they be bought, do they have to be hand crafted. how mutch time will it take and to build the rifle and  how much will it cost?

No matter if you you want a match-, wheel- or flintlock rifle or a "freestyle" one, together we will make it.

During the building of your rifle you have the opportunity to be part of that  process.

You can watch your rifle grow by pictures send to you via internet.

So you can take direct influence by ordering changes or making suggestions even if we are several thousand miles apart.

One word about the German gun law.

Even antique guns with spark-inguition (watch-, wheel-, and flintlock) are covered by that law that means for example that you are not allowed to build  barrels by yourself unless you have a special (very hard to get !) permission. But as long as you don´t drill a flashhole  into a "Steel tube" its no barrel and the rifle is just a model and no gun covered by the law.

The " raw barrels" that I use for rifle building come from well  know American and German factories and are save to shoot. According to the gun  law and proof testing regulations of your country, I can offer you the  opportunity to send you a "model" rifle or after officially selling you a "model" it can be turned into a gun on your order here in Germany by an authorized gun specialist and be officially proof tested by a testing office if the German testing is accepted in your country. 

On the other hand the shipping of gun parts only offers the advantage that it  can be done by UPS, DHL etc. because these companies refuse to ship complete guns to foreign countrys.

One last word:    Please  serious inquiries only and : no, the Jaegerrifle show here isnt for sale definitely.

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Send a E-Mail for informations to this webside: webmaster@annett-chalupa.de 
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