Description Rifle
Description of the Rifle

The Jaeger-Rifle

The Jaeger rifle has a 62 cal. 31" swamped barred, Germanic  look, double et trigger, asymetric buttplate, horn  muzzle cap, Eurpean  black walnut stock and many other selected parts.
The inlays are original ivory (was taken from on old piano! Don´t worry no rhino or
elephant was actually killed for that rifle!)
and show typical Baroque-Jaeger themes like oak leaves, grotesque masks, roccoco      
scrolls and hunting scenes.
All the carving, inlay and engraving was purely done by hand and no antique patterns
were copied.
Building this rifle took more than 1000 hours but please decide for yourself if it 
carries a little spark of the spirit of old master gunsmiths of  goneby centuries.

The Longrifle
The Longrifle is the copy of a Joseph Welshans rifle
"Picture 1" , "Picture 2"
from York, Pa. It was built to look like the original, including some dings and
Premium maple, a .50 cal.. swamped barrel and a lot more good stuff was used
 to get this beauty alive again. It was proof tested at the office in  Cologne ( using
200 grs. Swiss blackpowder and two patched round balls) as I decided to keep the gun for myself because customer who ordered the rifle pay.
But since then less then 30 bullets have left the barrel. Recommending a .50 cal. 
patched ball with 50 grs. of Swiss blackpowder No. 2 you can keep  the bullets in 
a circle of 7,5 cm (3 inches) on a 50 m (55 yard) shooting range.
This used rifle is privatly for sale for 1200 $ including the little brass plate with the 
new owners initials on the stock.

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